3 Dangerous Ingredients in Instant Noodles That You Should Know!

Instant noodles will unavoidably be our first choice every time we get famished and tend to eat something delicious yet quick-served.  Still, perhaps some common news that instant noodles are unconditionally bad for health doesn’t sound so odd to us. We might also at least vaguely hear that it can cause such big risk of cancer or so. It’s not just a myth nor a rumor. It is proven from the fact of all contents in it as the following explanation:


Truth to be known, instant noodles contain waxes functioned to make the noodles glued together. Waxes contained in it can vitiate the digestive system, slowly growing carcinogens as a causal of cancer if we consume it continually. Waxes in instant noodles cause difficulties for the body in digesting them as well, considering the fact that the body needs at least two days to completely digest the waxes. So we can imagine what will happen if we force our digestive system by letting the supposedly-two-days-digested-waxes slide down inside our body time after time.


Do not ever underestimate the effect of sodium contained in any food, especially instant noodles. Instant noodles are rich in sodium, a good stimulus to hypertension and stomach disorder. Sodium is supposed to neutralize the stomach to secrete acids functioned in digesting foods. See if this sodium thing comes in a huge amount; the gastric acid will eventually increase, paining the stomach. Sodium can also be linked to hypertension since it’s capable to cause risen blood tension.

Instant Noodles


It’s not just instant noodles; many kinds of snacks also have this familiarly harmful contents—Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Having an essential function as flavors strengthener, MSG can lead us to cancer if we consume it too often.

Basically, instant noodles are not that forbidden. It’s just so much better if we cook and consume it in wiser ways as written below:

Do not eat instant noodles every day; wait for the digestive system to completely digest the waxes contained in it properly in two or three days at the very least.

Do not use boiled water which was originally used to poach instant noodles as the noodles’ gravy. Throw away the used water and boil new water.

Do not cook it together with the spices. As what has been elaborated before, the spices contain MSG which will turn into carcinogens if it’s cooked above 120°C.