How To Check Your Herbal Nutrition Supplements Are Up To Pare!

Herbal nutrition supplements are just that, supplements but you want the best supplements for the money you spend. So it stands to reason you should check the supplements to see if you are getting what you paid for. Here are 5 ways to check your herbal nutrition supplement to see if they contain the ingredients they should.  Herbs contain many different chemical components, most of which our prescription drugs are derived from. But they also include ingredients used as buffers or counterbalances for the active ingredients.

Such as adding colors, fillers, binders, preservatives and flavors.  These additives can upset the balance of the active ingredients of the herbs. Or there can be more additives than herbs. So it pays to check what, besides the herb, is in your herbal nutrition supplements. Manufactures have standards set by government agencies to insure our herbal nutrition supplements will do us no harm.  These standards must be followed but some agencies don’t cover herb supplements because herbs aren’t considered food or medicines. This gives the manufactures a lot of leeway. Most manufactures have internal standards they adhere to and you absolutely should check up on this!

With thousands of herbal nutrition supplements on the market, their ingredients are far from being equal! Here are 5 things to look for when buying your herbal nutrition supplements.


Since companies want to make their bottom line as much as you want to save money, manufactures of herbal nutrition supplements have internal standards. They check the active ingredients of each herb. Each plant is checked to make sure it’s potency is up to the company’s standard. If not, it’s rejected. Since they average tons, yes, tons of herb delivery’s at a time they do spot checks. Each company is different but they all check the potency of the herbs before they go into production. A good manufacture of herbal nutrition supplements will put this on the bottle of supplement for you to see. Check to make sure it’s there.

Self Manufacture

Most good manufactures of herbal nutrition supplements will make their own products. They use their own quality control and testing process through all stages of manufacturing. AND they’re going to be proud of this and will put it on their bottles of supplements or their website or flyers. Be sure to research before you buy.

Ensure Safety and Ingredient:

Check to make sure the company is compliant with GMP at a pharmaceutical level.  It’s the highest standard for manufactures of herbal nutrition supplements that they can get.

This means before releasing a batch of herbal supplements a microbiological and heavy metal analysis is done. Always check this!  If it’s not on their website or bottle of supplements then write them a letter or email to see what testing is done.

No Artificial ANYTHING:

If an herbal supplement is going to be effective then it can’t contain anything artificial!  Ingredients such as colors, fillers, buffers, preservatives, or binders will not only make the main active ingredient of the herb ineffective but it also means you’re not getting enough of the herb to do any good.

Fillers can be lactose, gluten, wheat or flour, yeast, or fructose. If they say the color and flavor is to cover up the taste of the herb then the company is hiding something. If the herbal supplement is in a capsule there won’t be any taste to cover up.   Not to mention the fillers have the potential of causing an allergic reaction.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

They last way to tell if the herbal nutrition supplement is up to snuff is the money back guarantee they offer. Without any qualifiers attached. Make sure it has a long term guarantee. If you have a bottle of 300 tablets then you want at least 300 days guarantee.

Herbs can take up to 3 months (less time for other herbs) to start seeing a difference and if the guarantee is 30 days you want to ask why. They either don’t know about herbs or they don’t back their product.  You want a manufacture of herbal nutrition supplements to stand by their product no matter how long it takes!