Natural remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding

Heavy bleeding is characteristic of the menstrual period in many women. It may happen on some cycles or on every one. Menorrhagia is the medical term for this occurrence, and is manifested through excessive bleeding until the regular period is over, or even continuous bleeding for more than the regular duration days. Heavy menstrual bleeding should be treated because otherwise, it may cause numerous complications. Natural remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding can also be used.

When to use natural remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding?

The menstrual cycle differs in every woman. It usually starts on every 28 days from the beginning of the previous cycle. The normal bleeding is up to 40 milliliters, but the heavy bleeding reaches the number of 80 milliliters. A prolonged cycle occurs when the bleeding does not stop after seven days. The condition of heavy bleeding during the menstrual period is marked through some characteristics: continuous cramping in the area of the lower abdomen, constant changing of tampons or sanitary towels on every two hours, even during the night, using double sanitary protection, prolonged menstrual bleeding, and large blood clots. Even bleeding between periods is its sign. It is not a miracle to notice that the heavy menstrual cycle is caused by some other internal issues. That is why medical advice and control are necessary. They will check if some hormonal imbalance is present, or some other issues such as endometriosis, endometrial cancer, adenomyosis, anovulation, polyps, changes in birth control, pregnancy complications, thyroid problems, changes in diet or recent huge weight gain or weight loss. When testing these possible causes does not give result of their presence, natural remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding may be utilized.

Natural remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding from the daily routine

Natural remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding are used in the daily routine while the big blood flow takes a place. They are all based on a self-care method. Getting plenty of rest is necessary. Any woman must make herself comfortable during the days of the period. Techniques such as hot bath and chill out music should be performed in order to achieve relaxing of the body and mind. This is important because harsh movements and performing difficult tasks helps in excessive bleeding. The cramping relief is accomplished with exercises. One of them is lying on the back with your bent knees.

Consummative natural remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding

As a basic solution, women use mint in controlling the period. It can be used as tea or as a spice in some meals. Ginger helps the cramping relief when consumed as a tea or as an additive in some desserts. Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory product, which also works on calming the heavy period symptoms. A teaspoon of cinnamon mixed with a tablespoon of honey is one of the best natural remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding. Vitamin C contained in the citrus fruits is very important during the period. Vitamin K and iron supplements also should be taken in order to replace their loss through the blood.